3G, Semi floating, Soft floor, Decorative grooves

Välinge introduces several groundbreaking products at the Domotex fair in Hanover, Germany:

The 3G locking system, which utilizes a separate HDF strip integrated with the floorboard to achieve cost efficient production and superior locking functions and strength.

Semi-Floating Floor, which can be installed in extremely large areas without expansion joints.

Floating soft floor with a mechanical locking system and a surface of soft carpet fibers glued to a board.

Decorative grooves in laminate floorings with an appearance equal to solid wood floor, stones and tiles.


5G® fold down

Välinge introduces the first 5G fold down system with a displaceable bow shaped flexible tongue together with its licensee Rappgo. The technology is well-received by the market and 8 years later about 30% of all laminate and wood floors use this installation method.

History of innovation