Get ready for production​

We provide everything you need to make implementation and production effortless. Our extensive support and global network make meeting the future of furniture assembly smooth and simple.


We make implementation easy

At Välinge, we are known for being a reliable and trustworthy partner always providing our licensees with the support and service needed. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians make sure implementation is made in the best possible way with the least possible efforts. Rely on our expertise in everything from prototyping and testing to training and production start-up. Through collaboration with our extensive network of major machine suppliers, we offer advanced and cost-effective solutions that are perfectly suited for both small-scale and high-volume production using either Threespine ID or Core.

Threespine ID

Inclined dowels

Threespine ID uses inclined dowels and a newly developed locking device, Pinlock, to successfully prevent panels from separating and to secure the lasting results.

In production, this innovative solution is based on the industry’s traditional drilling methods to ensure easy implementation and avoid major changes in the design and manufacturing stages.

To form the holes for the inclined dowels and the locking device, the only method required is a modified drilling. This is a stand-alone process that will only affect the drilling procedure making implementation both effortless and cost-efficient. Drilling machines for the inclined dowels are offered by all major machine suppliers. The inclined dowels and Pinlocks are inserted in production by existing dowel insertion equipment.

Threespine Core

Flexible plastic insert

Threespine Core uses profiling to form a groove side and a corresponding tongue side. The flexible plastic inserts are placed on the groove side to form a strong and active locking element. Even the back panels are profiled to be easily clicked into place which means that all components are integrated in production.

Adjusting your existing machinery provides the fastest way to market. We collaborate with an established network of machine suppliers and tool manufacturers, to support you in finding the best production set-up for your products.

Edgebanding lines

You can use your existing edgebanding lines for high-volume production. The profiling requires a total of 3-5 motor positions of which 2-3 must be jumpable. As an alternative, a separate profiling machine can be added to complement your edgebanding machine.


Profiling lines

Single- or double-sided profiling lines in combination with edgebanding machines is another great option for high-volume  production. Edgebanding can take place before or after profiling depending on your preferences.

SCM Profiling line

Profiling back panels, SCM video part 2

Threespine Core

Inserter machines

The plastic inserts connecting the panels are integrated during production using an inserter machine. Choose the fully automatic, high-speed inline inserter for high-volume production or the semi-automated, handheld equipment for smaller production volumes.

Fully automatic inserter placed directly in the edge band- or profiling line.

Semi-automated tongue inserter managed by an operator.

Boost your factory output

Just as Threespine makes  assembly faster and easier for the final user, it also makes factory assembly more efficient. Traditional process steps such as gluing and screwing become obsolete, thereby saving both time and space in the factory.

By using assembly robotics, you can minimize the assembly time and maximize the output from the assembly line. With one production set-up, panels with Threespine can either be flat packed or factory assembled.