Become a licencee

Partnering with us means that you get market-leading technology and an experienced and secure partner. We offer support and expertise with everything from finding the right solution to start-up and ensuring high product performance.


Your partner all the way

Partnerships with industry leaders around the globe

Threespine click furniture technology is available for licensing by Välinge Innovation. For three decades, Välinge has built close relationships with a diverse array of flooring and furniture manufacturers all around the world. These partnerships are about much more than simply licensing our patents. From start to finish, we work closely together to incorporate our technologies into their products in the best possible way, including making sure they have the required equipment and long-term support.

Become a license


We assess your product and production process to determine the suitability of Threespine®.


Based on the assessment, you receive a quotation containing the down payment, license fee and costs for the plastic inserts.


One or more of our furniture samples are sent to you for evaluation.


An agreement including license fees and other obligations from both parts is signed. The license fees depend on several factors such as your business, volumes and furniture type.

Start production


We provide profile drawings and help with prototyping and test production to find the best technical solution for your product type and production prerequisites.


We help modify your current machinery or–when new investments are required–select the most suitable tools and machinery for your needs. Our technical experts provide assistance at your facilities during installation.


Initial test production and sample evaluation together with our technical staff provide quality assurance of your new products before moving into full-scale production.


We provide insert supply and ongoing technical support to help maximizing your production efficiency.