About us

We are change-makers with an inherent passion for innovation. We are known for challenging traditional ways of thinking and we keep shaping the future of our industry with our revolutionary inventions.

We are Välinge Innovation

Innovation is the essence in everything we do

Our ground-breaking inventions have led the way for more than three decades and we constantly challenge traditional ways of thinking. We are here to keep shaping the future of our industry and create global impact with our innovatory solutions.

Yes, we are innovators, and our minds are set on changing the world of flooring and furniture – for the better. Our passion for technology and innovation is inherent. Just like our urge to solve complex problems with creative solutions. We are known globally for our revolutionary technologies, our pioneering mindset and our ability to tackle industry challenges with unconventional ideas.

We are change-makers. Always on the quest to reinvent old ways and create a positive impact on our future.

Founded in 1993, Välinge Innovation pioneered the flooring industry with the world’s first mechanical locking system. This invention made it possible to install flooring without using either glue or nails and it transformed the industry forever. This trailblazing mindset has kept Välinge at the forefront of the industry ever since. Today we are recognized as an industry-leading innovation company with more than 3 500 granted patents for flooring, furniture, and surface technologies and over 320 licensees across the globe using our innovative solutions. All technologies and concepts are developed at our HQ in Viken, Sweden, where we have one of the world’s most advanced R&D centres for flooring and furniture. This is also home to our state-of-the-art production facility, testing and technical support, an advanced sample manufacturing hub and our international team of professional experts

Facts & figures


  • CEO: Mr. Niclas Håkansson
  • Founder: Mr. Darko Perván
  • Owners: Perván family (Majority) &  Kirkbi Invest A/S (Minority)
  • Employees >300

Economical data

  • Turnover: >200 M€ (2020)
  • Granted patents: >3,500
  • Licensees: >250

Download Code of Conduct for Partners and Suppliers

To develop and patent new product innovations related to flooring, furniture & surfaces and commercialise those technologies through licensing and production.
We dare to create superior flooring and furniture innovations and products that enrich everyday life while minimising the environmental impact
To bring effortless, ingenious, and sustainable flooring and furniture solutions to every home on the planet.
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Our history

Decades of continuous innovation

Innovation has been the heart and soul of our business since day one. For 30 years, we have constantly challenged the technological solutions of the day, bringing new ways of thinking to the flooring, furniture, and surface technologies used in people’s everyday lives. It’s how we revolutionise new possibilities for both our licensees and their customers.


Browse the timeline below to learn more about some of the innovation milestones in Välinge’s history.

We create change

Join us!

At Välinge Innovation we are passionate about creating change for a better future. We are innovators at heart, always aspiring to develop new technologies and solutions that really make a difference. We are well-known for challenging traditional ways of thinking and our game-changing inventions have revolutionized the flooring and furniture industries several times.

Välinge supports Ukraine

Russia´s unprovoked war against Ukraine has created a huge humanity crisis. Putin is fully responsible for all suffering this war is creating. Välinge strongly condemns this attack against Ukraine and against democracy and freedom of our world and supports the sanctions implemented by Sweden and EU towards Russia and Belarus as a response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Välinge is investigating how to best support the Ukrainian people in this situation. As our first step, we have made donations to the International Red Cross and UNHCR.

Välinge further stops all business activities and sales towards the Russian and Belarusian markets. Välinge will no longer send any products, 5G tongues, machines nor give any support to sites located in those countries.

We also know many of the Russian and Belarusian people do not support the madness the leader in the Kremlin is responsible for, but we trust the good forces in the free world will work together and support each other in this difficult situation.